Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Shades of Personality

Brace yourselves, ladies and gentlemen, because I'm going to talk about something that is touchy...even in modern day society

(Model Agyness Deyn)

Extreme hair color.

A taboo subject and often a fashion faux-paux, extreme hair color has become the mark of an eccentric personality and anti-establishment. Why? Well, who can honestly get a job with vibrant violet locks? And who would honestly be crazy enough to stand out like that? Isn't it just a cry for attention?

Nay-sayers step aside, because a shift is brewing. Unnaturally vibrant tresses are now the mark of an artist. And, no, not an artist who fits into that "eccentric personality" category. Nor must this artist believe in "anti-establishment". This playfulness with cotton candy pink, fire engine red, and Wampus Cat blue is a new freedom that all artists strive to achieve.

Why? Because it's simply about what all Art is about: Expression.

(A Vicara Salon model)

(Andy Warhol)

So why not pull an Andy Warhol? Why not express yourself with some hair dye, like Manic Panic?

And why not share some of your fun hair stories with me? Because this girl is wanting to take her own advice, and I love to hear what you have to say!

Until tomorrow,
-Kateri Joe

(P.S. It seems as though we're ready to keep moving on. We must apologize, as we did what Dan from Wood and Pixels Narratives stated, and declare blog bankruptcy. But now, the heavy paperwork is behind us and we can start anew. So here we go again, and thanks for your patience!)


Dan Felstead said...

Kateri...congrats on the successful blog bankruptcy! I know people who do that once a year with their emails as well.

With the hair...I am declaring white hair a sign of wisdom..intelligence and experience (or just an old fart like me!).


TheFancyLadyGourmet said...

I'll share a wild color hair story i had bright purple hair last year actually as a last minute resort to cover up the bad hot pink dye job , i ended up loving it soo much .Sure i got the most dirty looks iv ever gotten in my life on a daily basis but i also got allot of compliments from people you would never think like cute little old ladies. I think it also helped me be allot more comfortable with myself i guess having tons of people staring at you every day will do that lol. In fact right before my birthday I'm gunna go purple again. Are you looking into an extreme hair color?? You should do it lol(sorry for the long comment lol)

Sakurasaku77 said...

Love the post! a couple of months ago I thought the same! and dyed my hair purple! I have dark purple, so with not too much light looks almost black, and with light looks beautiful purple!

Kateri Joe and Jonathan said...

Oh wow, that's hilarious and wildly ironic....I've been considering purple hair as an option! It was either purple or a light orange, but that orange-ish color could really clash with my skin. Thanks, guys! I love these stories: They've given me a renewed confidence!

And Dan, white hair is becoming a big trend in the young could probably get away with being a trendsetter! lol

TheFancyLadyGourmet said...

you should soo do orange it looks great with pale skin and so does purple but i think orange would look great, and white hair two words anderson cooper lol hes a sexy beast

Kateri Joe and Jonathan said...

You know, I might seriously consider it. Manic Panic has a shade called "Tiger Lily" that might just be the perfect orange for me...I just don't want to go into clown-territory, lol

Sakurasaku77 said...

I use special effects's deep purple+pimpim purple. I love the color! Next time i think I'll do only deep purple though. Anyway I think you should try orange or purple. I did purple cause I love that color since i was little. Every one tells me that is a beautiful color :) Im very happy with it!

Kateri Joe and Jonathan said...

That's awesome! Who knew purple was so popular!? But, hey, it's always gorgeous. I painted my nails orange today to kind of get a feel for that possible dye-job...and I'm still on the fence. I don't want to look like a fading redhead, so hmm. lol What a dilemma, haha! I've never heard of special effects....I'll have to look it up! Thanks! :-D

Sakurasaku77 said...

:) np, I got them from the UK, Im from Spain. and they have all kind of dyes there from special effects, manic panic, directions, etc.
but if you're from the US you'll find them there, they're US dyes.