Friday, July 10, 2009

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Hey everyone! Jonathan here once again bringing you the newest installment of our Musical Inspiration Thursday! Woo! *does a little jig* Okay, enough of that before I embarrass myself even more...

Without further ado, today we will be talking about... *drum roll*


I discovered this group about a year ago when I was wandering about the Carpathian mountains...Ha! I wish... *sad face* Anywho! I'm not sure how you guys work, but whenever I'm writing a short-story or plotting a new book idea I like to have some sort of music that fits into the theme that I'm using.

Which is the case with Nox Arcana as I had just begun spreading out the storyline of a supernatural mystery. I needed a solid dark classical music piece to keep my creative flow from damming up and transforming me into a babbling mental patient.

Und thus the magic of YouTube came in handy! A simple search of "dark classical music" bore the results of Nox Arcana's beautiful, yet haunting pieces. Joseph Vargo and William Piotrowski formed Nox Arcana in 2003 with the intent of creating moody, predominantly melodic, ambient music. And in my opinion they struck gothic gold!

My favorite album of their works is Winter's Knight which actually happens to be a Christmas album that reached #8 in the Holiday Billboard charts! An interesting little tid-bit that I thought everyone would like.

Have you ever heard of Nox Arcana? What is your favorite music to listen when working?

'till next time, friends!

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