Friday, July 24, 2009

D'espairsRay Redux!

So, I was running through some of our older posts and I realized that I more or less just half-assed the D'espairsRay musical inspiration entry! Just threw the video up and said, "Hey, I like them! Watch the video!" Such an awesome band like D'espairsRay deserves far more respect than what I gave them. And so do you fine people. Like I said, I tossed the video up and told everyone, "Watch!" and didn't even say a single thing about D'espairsRay. Who they are, why I LOVE their music, and so on and so forth. Everyone ready? Fasten your seatbets, cuz we're off like a hooker's clothes!

The members of D'espairsRay are:

HIZUMI (vocals)

Karyu (guitar, vocals)

ZERO (bass, vocals)

Tsukasa (drums)

Now that they have all been introduced and gotten the "Who they are?" out of the way. We have come to the "Why I LOVE their music." Well, ladies and gentlemen, the answer is quite simple. D'espairsRay satisfies all of my musical needs. Their songs vary from fast and aggressive to slow and depressing. The song above, "Trickster", is about middle of the road when comes to their sound and style.

While I am learning Japanese, I know very little (probably just enough to get myself into trouble, haha.) Hizumi sings in a mixture of Japanese and English and though is a language barrier. The emotional way Hizumi sings, at least in my mind, shatters that barrier. What's that saying? "A smile can overcome any language barrier." I think the same principle could be applied here as well.

Until next time! Everyone have an awesome weekend!


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