Monday, July 13, 2009

Big Sister is watching...

Good evening class! May I bring your attention to the blackboard?

Today we'll be studying the fine artistry of this man right here.

Don't know who he is you say? Well, ladies and gentlemen, this is David Mack - creator, author and artist of a beautiful piece of art work known as Kabuki. (Which is a topic all unto its self!) David's work has earned him mainstream fame, at least by comic book fanatic standards.

Among some of the more important things, other than becoming a comic book celebrity, he has earned several nominations for his unique approach to the comic page and the possibilities that it holds, one of the nominations even included the Eisner award - the comic book world's version of an Oscar - for Kabuki. David's style not only uses pencil and pen & ink, but also ventures into paint, magazine clippings, manga scans, and crayons to create a stunning collage. Here's a couple of examples of his work from Kabuki.

Does it not make you drool? Kateri and I are constantly amazed by his level of talent when we're sitting together, thumbing through the pages. David has also worked on Marvel Comics's heavy-hitter, Daredevil. He brought a breath of fresh air to the 45 year old series by diving head first into the psyche of Matt Murdock and finding out what makes The Man with No Fear tick.

I could go on, and on about David Mack and his work, but I'll spare you all! Haha. If you guys get a chance, check out his site.

Class dismissed! Catch you kats on the flipside!


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