Saturday, July 25, 2009

A Little Diddy of a Story

So, the picture keeps uploading sideways. Odd.

Bahaha, so why am I showing you this lovely picture of a picture!? Why, because I have a story to go with it of course!

As I talked about a few posts ago, my birthday came around last Sunday! And on Monday, Jonathan, my parents, and I went out to do the family celebration. I chose a Japanese hibachi grill. (I've just recently realized that the majority of my birthdays have been celebrated at one which is interesting.)

Well, the chef is doing his whole show and I'm eating it up like I do ever year, when he starts in on the questioning. First, he asks if Jonathan and I are married. This is a common question recently. People have started to ask that, because I guess we now FINALLY look old enough to be of marrying age. (Jonathan and I started dating when I was only 15 and he was 16.) Jonathan shook his head, and laughed. "No, no. Not yet. We want to be, but not yet." The chef grinned, "well what's holding you back, man!?" Jonathan snickers and rubs his first finger and his thumb together - money.

We all giggled, because that's the hearty truth. If we had the finances, we'd run off and get married in a heartbeat. We've wanted to be married since the young ages of 15 & 16, and that desire hasn't wavered.

After he created the standard onion volcano, he looked back at us and asked "how many babies are you going to make!?" Not HAVE, but MAKE. That was a little awkward, but hilarious. And mind you, my parents are in the chairs beside me.

I giggled and made a "zero" with my hand. Right now, that's true. We want zero kids. Ask us in about two years and we'll answer with three fingers, or maybe four. But right now, the answer is zero.

I couldn't help but appreciate that question. Jonathan and I got together in high school, so from day one everyone has said "DON'T HAVE KIDS NOW! DON'T GET PREGNANT!!" It's been preached at us, over and over again. Someone has even gone as far as to say a child of ours would be a MISTAKE. And here is this hibachi chef, almost pushing the idea...for entertainment purposes, but still....

It was refreshing to actually have someone even suggest the idea for the first time.

That, at least to me, was a compliment. And definitely a sign of the personal times. I'm an adult, and that is exciting.

Tell me, has a hibachi chef made you realize your standing in life recently? Haha, or wait, here's a more universal thought: Have you had an experience lately that reminds you of how much life has changed?

Until tomorrow,
-Kateri Joe


Jess said...

Haha - that's great! It's amazing how those funny little moments in life can make us think!

And happy birthday, by the way :)

Kate8085 said...

Happy Birthday!

Kateri Joe and Jonathan said...

Thanks, guys! And Jess, it is amazing how those little events kick the membrane into gear! Of all places to be contemplating my life...haha

-Kateri Joe