Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Of inspiration and interests!

Hey everyone! Jonathan here.

I'm sure, by now, all of you fine folks have come to figure that I find a lot of wonderful/crazy art pieces in the strangest of places. And today's post is no different. It comes from two loves of mine - the arts and video games!

"Video games being artistic?! Blasphemy!!" Several closed-minded college art professors would be chanting. (Now, I'm not saying all art professors are closed-minded, but quite a few are.) But, I bet I could convert a few of them if they saw this beauty!

In Okami, you play the Japanese Shinto sun goddess, Okami Amaterasu - the Great White Wolf, and do battle with the Darkness that spreads across all of Nippon. The graphics of Okami draws inspiration from Japanese watercolor paintings, Japanese calligraphy, and rich Japanese folklore. Okami weaves several folktales together into a single story of Amasterasu retrieving her divine power. And if the gorgeous graphics weren't enough, the soundtrack to Okami is just as beautiful as the art!

Hope you guys enjoy the little trip into Amaterasu's world, a place I frequently find myself enjoying! Now if you would excuse me, all of this talk about Okami has given me a yearning to play my Wii. Where do you guys find an escape and inspiration?

Adios, peepsies! Til we meet again!

P.S. -- We made our first sale today! Thanks to the Fancy Lady *wink wink* ^-^

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