Sunday, July 12, 2009

Just a Memo

Hello, all!

It's be a bit quiet on the front, I'd say. *sigh* I hope we're not boring you guys!

Today, I was taking a breather/get-my-head-straight day. (I've been having a LOT of those days lately!) I managed realize something: I've only been pursuing art seriously for a year.


Whoah. It feels like it's been in my life since day ONE! But, looking back, a year ago I started creating my scholarship portfolio for art school. (Yeah, here's the's the same art school I can no longer attend thanks to a last minute financial failure.)

Last July, I had never drawn anything aside from doodles. I certainly had never painted. And, above all, I wasn't even sure if I could create art. But, when I decided to apply to SCAD, I knew I had something to prove to myself - even if the admissions department didn't accept my application.

I needed to show myself that I wasn't just a day-dreamer. I wanted to show myself that I could apply my love of the Arts into my own creations, which I never thought to be possible.

While my SCAD ambitions have stalled out for the year, and I often feel like a failure because of it, I realized something today: I did manage to make an amazing leap into the life that I never thought possible. Above is the first serious drawing I finished - a self portrait. It may not be perfect, but completing it gave me hope. A year ago, I never knew I could draw, period. Now, I feel like with patience and a clear vision, I can do anything I put my mind to.


And I hope you have that same feeling about your skills.

Until we chat again,

Kateri Joe


Dan Felstead said...

Nice work! Who needs SCAD when you can draw like this!


Kateri Joe and Jonathan said...

Thanks, Dan. :-) That's very encouraging, and probably one of the nicest things I've heard. Again, thank you!!