Thursday, July 16, 2009

Featured Etsy Item: Flirty & Girly from Ouma

Doesn't this just scream femininity? From Ouma on Etsy, this tulle creation is simply known as the "Striped Tutu Party Dress". The stripes touch into something a little Tim Burton-ish to me, which I absolutely adore. (Plus, if you could see the outfits I love to wear, they are all about the stripe-E-doodles!) The tulle skirt brings me back to my ballet days: It calls to my playful, girly side that wants to have pillow fights and girl talk. But, something about this entire ensemble also screams "sophistication", thus it speaks to my sensible side. For $180, I wish I would have found this for my prom dress three years ago. I would have saved money and looked ten times cuter. :-P

Check out the actual Etsy listing, and give Monique's shop a glance. Every item is this adorable!

Until another time,
-Kateri Joe

P.S. The photo used in this link is owned by Monique at Ouma. (Store link:

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