Saturday, June 20, 2009

Saturday's Mission Repose

Today, we shall share with you something that we just get the giggles from. *tehe* Check it out! "Sasuke", also known as "Ninja Warrior" in America, is just what an artist needs to unwind. This Japanese show documents world-class athletes and commoners alike as they try to overcome a physically challenging, four-stage obstacle course. It's RIDICULOUSLY hard to get to the final stage: After 22 competitions, only two people have managed to complete all four stages of the obstacle course!

Here's a video showing just how hard the first stage of Sasuke is! From this clip, you can see just have funny, yet exciting and suspensful this event is on the viewer. It's intense!

Can you see how we got hooked?

Until tomorrow!
-Kateri Joe and Jonathan Engi


MoonDoggie said...

Ha ha - Can't help but laugh at these Japanese game shows. :D

Kateri Joe and Jonathan said...

Oh, MoonDoggie, I can't help but wonder what watching only Japanese programming would be like, hahaha! That, I do believe, would be high-octane entertainment for hours upon hours upon hours...whoah, that would be nuts!

MoonDoggie said...

The thing is - I used to live in Japan and never saw any shows like this when I was there.
We didn't have cable/satellite tv though, so maybe that's where these shows were.