Monday, June 8, 2009

Experiment 626

Greetings and Good Morning to all! I'm Jonathan, co-founder of Peculiar Curiosities - an enormous, brightly colored pinata filled with wondrous little treats for your viewing pleasure! All you have to do is whack it with a stick!

WAIT! NO! Not really...that was just a joke. Put, put the stick down... There you go...

Anyway, this post is just to introduce myself and my amazingly talented lover of 5 years and fellow artist, Kateri. (think of battery, but with a K.) Together, with a lot of hard work, extremely long hours, a dash of Cajun voodoo, a splash of insanity to add a little spice and, of course, with the love of a very cute fluffy kitty named Zebra, we formed Peculiar Curiosities!

So, stay tuned and keep your optical orbs glued to your computer monitors as we'll be updating our blog and twitter page with what we're currently concocting within our laboratory of madness.

Till next time! Good night? Morning? Which ever one you choose, I'm off to make beautiful sweet love to a pillow!

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