Saturday, June 13, 2009

A Quick-ze Update

Hey, hey!! HEY!

Sorry, I'm just a little excited. So, down in the depths of our lab today we managed to discover a new love for artist trading cards and pin-up girls. You'll see the product of those discoveries later on this coming week.

Our little shop did get some fantastic promotion, though. MilwaukeeMommy was kind enough to add us to her blog page. Art4theHomeless tweeted about us!
And, we now have 10 people that have hearted our shop!! Cool, huh?

OH YEAH, Jonathan and I did leave our lair to go out and take advantage of a 30% off sale at our local art supplier! SaWEET!

Okie dokes, sorry to be so short. My mind is racing with new ideas, and hopefully you'll get to see the fruit of that labor soon! Thanks for reading, little potato chips!

Adios, until the sun rises again!

P.S. I just had to say THANK YOU to Jennifer Magnesi for starting to follow us, our first follower!! :-D

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