Monday, June 22, 2009

P.S. We are human...Slightly insane, but human

Hello, everyone!

This pair of mad scientists have been reminded of a nasty reality. We won't go into detail, because we'd hate to bore you guys to death with the woes of a college student. But, we do just want to remind everyone that it is human nature to feel put down and to need that extra push to work harder for our dreams.

Today, we'd like to post something that is part of our dream - more specifically, Kateri Joe's dream. Here is a video that isn't particularly inspirational, but when we see it, it reminds us to push harder for those dreams that people say are unobtainable. And we encourage you to find a video, or anything that reminds you of even your most far-fetched dreams, that has the same effect on you. :-)

Good luck with your dreams, and know that they are never worth giving up matter what walls you have to crack to reach them.

Until tomorrow,
Kateri Joe and Jonathan

P.S. We'd like to offer an apology to all of the wonderful blogs that we follow (especially the ones that follow us back, haha). We haven't had a chance to take a peek-si-poo at our Google Reader, so we've been missing some awesome stuff on your blogs lately. :-( But don't worry, we're dying to see what you're up to!


Dan Felstead said... need to apologize...sometimes the glog world becomes impossible to catch up on and you just have to file blog bankruptcy and then start over again! Your online friends will stick with you!


FleursRockAffair said...

OMG that video is hilarious! It must have taken you forever to make it with all those post-its!! It is great!

Also that is too funny that your Dad likes the nascar too! Hehe, I don't know about all the tracks but the one we went to Infeneon Raceway in Napa def let people bring food in. People were brining in whole coolers filled with beer =P

Kateri Joe and Jonathan said...

Blog bankruptcy, lol...thanks for that, Dan! :-D

FleursRockAffair, I didn't make that video...but it was made by a student who is graduating from the Animation program that I'm trying to get into. :-) (Actually, I got into it...but I don't have the financing yet.) And that's pretty interesting with the Nascar race policies! I'll pass those tips to my Dad, for sure.