Friday, June 12, 2009

At Work, Eyes Burning!!!

Hello! It's just 'ze monster 'zat is Kateri Joe here, and I feel like I am about to die.

Well, not really, but I am pretty pooped. Bookmarks, bookmarks, seems as though I am drowning in a lovely goodness of paper and lamination. But, 'tis okay. That's a happy death.

It's better than being squashed by a tornado, that's for sure! The Peculiar Curiosities lab got to deal with tornado warnings, with one twister landing only a few miles away. CRAZY, crazy. Somehow, someway, we kept trudging along throughout the literal storms to bring some new stuff to the shop! Like I said, bookmarks!!

Tomorrow shall be a day of MORE BOOKMARKS!! (dun DUN dun!!!!) Oh, and some PRINTS!!! (dun DUN DUN!!!) And maybe, just maybe, some ACEO cards!!!!! (dun, DUN, wait...wha?)

Yes, yes, yes, I've happily come to the conclusion, with a little help from some friends, that ACEO cards would be fantastic for the shop. So, maybe, just maybe, tomorrow I'll have some to show you. *evil laugh*

Okie dokie, artichokie, Jonathan is all a bustle with work and I....I shall get ready to sleep.

Oh, and P.S: We had a MAJOR fail with our Facebook Fan Page. It seems as though it has been suspended because of a user error. (Yeah, my user error. I didn't realize I couldn't have a second account for the fan page.) Sooooo, keep a look out, we should be creating a new one!

Until we meet again, adios!

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