Monday, June 15, 2009

May I have your tickets, please?

Oh, hello! Jonathan here!
Come to take the tour, eh? Welp, I'll be your guide through the wondrous depths of Peculiar Curiosities' fine establishment! If you happen to get lost in the twisting and winding corridors, stay put and don't wander off as I'm sure someone'll be along to get you...eventually

Today, my friends we'll be exploring deeper into the catacombs of the laboratory! Feel free to look about, but do stay close and don't wander off too far. We had a containment issue earlier with one of our experiments named, Loki. If you happen to see him, DO NOT APPROACH HIM!! He may look cute, but he certainly is not the cuddling type. Also if he happens to approach you, stay out of his reach and immediately run in the other direction as quickly as possible!

Moving on! Over here, we have my latest pieces of work:
Vampire Hunter G (the G stands for Garlic)
Isabella, the sassy latina leader of the Splatter Girls
Spookshow, a ghastly winged specter
And that concludes the tour, folks! Hope you enjoyed this little trip into the lair of Peculiar Curiosities! If you liked what you've seen be sure to stop by the main office and check the entire gang of Splatter Girls and all of our other delightful experiments.
'Til we meet again! Farewell!

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Black Pumpkin said...

Hi there!
You're an amazing couple!
Love your work.
(See you on Etsy)