Thursday, September 3, 2009

The Arrival of Yumminess!

White Chocolate Cherry Cupcake Truffles from The Fancy Lady Gourmet

The entire package that we woke up to this morning. Yummm...we had a sweet breakfast!

Thursday morning had come and gone, but Jonathan and I were still in bed. Daylight wasting, our bad sleep habits tend to get the better of us when we go to bed at 4:00 a.m. So, that morning, we snoozed on with dreams of high Etsy sales in our heads. (ha. ha.) :-P Yet while we snoozed, a kind delivery man planted a peculiar (yet snazzy) box on our doorstep.

Much to our surprise, our order from the Fancy Lady Gourmet had come in early! As soon as we realized it, we were having a breakfast of cupcake truffles. *hehe

We ordered, on Etsy (of course), a batch of white chocolate cherry cupcake truffles. (Say that three times fast!) What we received was that, and an additional sampler of the Fancy Lady's baked goodies! Now that made our week. :-D

First, we both tried what we had ordered; the pink cutsie cherry-flavored cupcake truffles. With a sweet, yet slightly tart taste, these yummies are pure delights for the tastebuds! Moist in the middle with a creamy chocolate outside, the flavor throws you for a zing of a curveball when - low and behold - you bite into a real cherry in the center. Oooh, I hope I have you drooling.

That first treat lead to the tasting of more. It was like a slow-moving sugary landslide. (We ate all of this over the course of the day, haha.) Next, we started in on the sampler items. After lunch, we each tried a pumpkin spice cupcake truffle...and then we cried with joy. Later that night, we devoured fall-themed shortbread cookies...and giggled from a delightful sugar high. Finally, for our last tastebud adventure, we conquered chocolate chip cookies. That left us in awe of the Fancy Lady's talent.

The neatest part is that despite coming to Arkansas from New Jersey, everything tasted like we purchased them at a local shop that day. Awesome, right? And see that swanky packaging!? It's adorable! That packaging made me feel like I was opening a Christmas gift.

And what a gift it was. Thank you, dear Fancy Lady!

Now that I hopefully have you drooling, tell me: What's your sugary weakness? We've now found ours! And hey, if you're just dying for that sugar boost, here's the Fancy Lady's Etsy shop: :-D

Until later,
(unless we run off to Candy Land)
-Kateri Joe


The Fancy Lady said...

aww your guys reading this made me smile .Ive been feeling a little down lately because the mail has been screwing up orders and making them late and lost and ive been getting alot of complaints which makes me sad but reading this really cheered me up thanks for posting this and im so glad you liked everything. Also kateri shoot me an email and ill send you some pics of items to use your gift coupon for ,for my other shop because it might be a little bit before i open it back up.
thanks guys

Kateri Joe and Jonathan said...

Girl, I read those complaints. They didn't describe the Fancy Lady I know! So, I'm VERY glad this cheered you up: Don't let anyone bring you down, for the sake of my sweet tooth at least! :-P And I can't wait to take advantage of my gift card!! Thank you for that!! :-D
-Kateri Joe