Monday, September 14, 2009

Life's Roller Coaster (A Slightly Melodramatic Metaphor)

Up and down, twisting and turning, it seems like we're 21 years old and just barely hanging on as this roller coaster of life keeps throwing me (and Jonathan - he's in the seat beside me) for new loops.

We're at a hang up. Disappointed by our inventory clearance sale, tired of the nagging issues in our home life, and wary of reopening Peculiar Curiosities, Jonathan and I (Miss Kateri Joe) are hanging up-si-down in our roller coaster cart waiting on a repairman to start the ride again. Sadly, he seems to be on his lunch break. So, what can two stalled riders do?

Try, try, and try again to get rolling! It's a challenge, as it seems like we just can't get moving. But, we're going to work on a solution. Who needs a repairman, right?

Unfortunately, Peculiar Curiosities has hit this snag with us. Our shop won't be reopening as planned. It stinks, but once we get our roller coaster going again (a.k.a once we've dealt with the bothersome issues at hand), we'll start fresh with Peculiar Curiosities.

Yay for new beginnings!

Anywho, we'll be checking back as we see fit. This is not good-bye.
(hehe. See, melodramatic, right?)

With blood draining to our heads,
Kateri Joe & Jonathan

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The Fancy Lady said...

I think you guys should at least keep blogging so we can see updates on your arts plus its always fun to read your blog don't give up guys maybe just a break is in order