Monday, August 31, 2009

Bad Day

Have you guys had a bad day lately?

Oh man, for your sake, I hope it wasn't as bad as ours.

Our awesome HP laptop, Master Boo, DIED today - only one day before our big clearance sale! What a damper, right?! Now, we're having to resort to using our Wii for an internet connection. So, if our typing seems a little clunky lately...well, we're typing with a Wii remote so...hahaha.

At least we got the sale off and running....but because of our limited connection, we started it a bit early!

OH, but here's the bright part of our day! Before our computer died, we made our FIRST Etsy purchase!!

White Chocolate Cherry CupCake Truffles from

Yes, those little delights are coming our way straight from the Fancy Lady herself! And we are ridiculously excited about it! Aren't they scrumptious!? I can't help but drool! They look fit for a queen...or two goofy artistic-types who've had a bad day. :-D

Well, I could keep going on with the BADNESS of this day, but I'd rather leave on a high note.
PLEASE tell me you've had a better day than us! We'd love to hear some happy stories, after the death of our beloved Master Boo the HP laptop.

Until later,
(unless something goes incredibly wrong)
-Kateri Joe

P.S. In light of this bad day, we didn't get to go on our planned hike. So, we can't share sweaty pictures quite yet. But, for me, that could be a good thing...bahaha!

P.S.S. Par usual, that picture is owned by The Fancy Lady. :-) 'Just so youz knowz.


The Fancy Lady said...

aww im sorry your computer broke i hate hate hate hps lol mine im on right now is super old and turns off if i move the slightest bit.
thanks so much for the post about my truffles you guys are to sweet i added a few extra goodies and they are going out first thing in the morning so hopefully it will brighten your day when you get them and theres something extra special for you kateri

Kateri Joe and Jonathan said...

Awww, thank you SO much! :-D Extra treats are MORE than welcome, haha! I can't wait to see what's in store!! I'm SUPER excited!
-Kateri Joe

p.s. HP bites. lol